Part of “The Brown Batch” #1 – Apache Black Gila 7″x 2.75″ Hone I.D. # BG0003


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Apache Black Gila finishing hone. Limited production of Black Gila hones due to rarity. Hone ID # BG0003

Personal notes about this hone:

– From the brown batch. There is only one stone producing these beautiful tiger-like Black Gila hones. I believe there will be about 8-10 hones that will be made from the brown batch stone.
– I hand-lapped this (a lot of time invested) to a useable flat state; though you can always lap more to suit your needs. If you do lap it more, you will have to use some diamond/oxide powder or a diamond plate.
– There are no pits or cracks. This specimen has a smooth, pristine honing face.
– There are natural edges.
– Expect high HHTs from this hone!

Size: 7″ x 2.75″ (length measurement is from tip to tip)

Weight: 14.3 oz

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