Rare Strata 6.75″ x 2″ x 1/2″ Apache Strata Hone (ID# AS0147)


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Crazy iron inclusions! I was pleasantly surprised when I cut this particular Apache Strata stone. The spots are reddish/brownish. I just love this specimen. May not run into something like this again for a long while. I managed to get five hones from the specimen with these birth marks. The cutting properties of the stone are consistent, so don’t worry about honing qualities.

Description: Apache Strata natural honing stone. This is a finishing stone that can be used with water alone–no slurry needed.

Surface preparation: It has been lapped to a degree that is usable, but you may want to finish it off with a 1200 grit diamond block (or not if you like what I did to it). Inspect it closely to determine if you need to make any modifications such as sanding edges or lapping before you begin to hone.

Grit: 10000 – 12000+

Size: 6.75″ long x  2″ wide x 1/2″ thick

Weight: 12.8 oz.


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