It’s Got an Adornment! 5″ x 2.5″ x 13/16″ Apache Strata Hone (ID# AS0239)


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About this particular hone: robust and chunky, this hone has an inclusion of what looks to be calcite which has worked its way into the mother stone. It was probably a void that got filled in through evaporation millions of years ago. I just left it in there because it looks cool and won’t hurt anything because it is on the far edge. You cannot beat the skin on the side either! A nice specimen.

Description: Apache Strata natural honing stone. This is a finishing stone that can be used with water alone–no slurry needed.

Surface preparation: Flat-lapped on DMT. This should be nice and flat. I chamfered the edges somewhat. I advise that you inspect it closely to determine if you need to make any modifications such as sanding edges or lapping before you begin to hone. Though, I think I have it covered pretty good.

Grit: Estimated 10000 – 12000+

Size: approximately 5″ x  2.5″ at widest x 13/16″ thick

Weight: 15.1 oz.


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