ID# AS0265 Apache Strata Hone 7.25″ x 2.625″ x .75″ June 5th 2019 Listing


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About this batch:

Newly listed June 5, 2019! This is the first batch of Apache Strata in over a year. I was challenged to create some relatively large hones and took up the challenge. This is hard to do with Apache Strata because I have a hard time finding a clean, fracture-free stone for cutting. Most uncut Apache Strata stone has fissures and microscopic fractures, thus I can only create hones in the 5″ to 6″ length range. Well, I found a rare, large stone for cutting and decided to see how big I could get this batch of hones. I managed to crank out a handful of large, beautiful hones. Since these are hard to come by, I priced these hones accordingly. Subsequent hones are not going to be as large as this batch. If you want your Apache Strata big, this is your chance.   –Terry

Description: Apache Strata natural honing stone. This is a finishing stone that can be used with water alone–no slurry needed. I tested these hones out with my razor and with water and light pressure; and managed to consistently create swarf (evidence of metal removal). This stone cuts, no question. If you are not experiencing ideal results, then you are doing something wrong and should adjust your technique in order to achieve proper metal removal.

Pressure to use when honing your blade: Though I am no expert, the honemeisters say all you need is light pressure with water as your lubricant. This stone cuts well and polishes nicely. If you use too much pressure, you can send your progression backwards. Go slow and learn what this stone does.

What people say about the Apache Strata: Once you master this stone and learn its nuances, the word out there in the honing world is that you may experience one of the most comfortable shaves in your life. This is from anecdotal chat in the online forums and through feedback from my customers.

Surface preparation: This hone was lapped by hand on a large flat granite surface with two grades of grit powder. This should be nice and flat when you get it. I chamfered the edges but I advise that you inspect it closely to determine if you need to make any modifications such as sanding edges or lapping before you begin to hone–but I think I have it covered pretty good.

Grit: Estimated 10000 – 12000+ (naturals are difficult to gauge without testing, so I can only guess)

Size: approximately 7.5″ long by 2 5/8″ wide by 3/4″ thick

Weight: 1.54 pounds


International, Hawaii & Alaska:

Hawaii, Alaska and international customers please contact me with your details (city, country, address) and I will check on prices and get back to you. Generally, international shipping from the USA to other countries is about $25 USD (depending on your country) for a Priority Mail small flat rate box through USPS (check for yourself. It’s expensive, sorry; but this is the safest/fastest method for the price.)

Payments Accepted: Paypal is the standard for me. I am open to Bitcoin as well, just contact me if you are interested in paying with BTC.

Returns: Sorry, all sales final. I do not refund. These hones leave my hands in perfect condition and able to do what is described above.  I have worked with honers in the past and dealt with issues when I first started doing this. I aim to please. I have determined that I don’t have the time, materials or patience to deal with complaints or issues. I do my VERY best to describe these hones to best of my ability. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS (not yelling, just making sure you see this). Please think before you buy.

In the unlikely case there is damage during shipment: In all of the time I have shipped out hones, USPS has broken only one (I suppose it was partly my fault because I didn’t protect that hone properly). Your hone is insured. Proper protection of your hone: I ship in oversized boxes with lots of space and padding; I may even reinforce the hone with wood when shipping. I use my own judgment on how to get the hone to you with barely a chance for damage. In the rare event that you experience any damage because USPS is negligent, then please deal with them and file a claim. I seriously do not anticipate any damage because I go the extra mile to make sure it is almost impossible to damage your hone without some catastrophic circumstance doing the damage. As for replacement; I do not replace damaged hones. You would have to purchase another one with your claim money from USPS.