ID# AS0258 Apache Strata Hone 5″ x 2 5/8″ x 3/4″ Over 1 lb.


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This hone is from the first batch in a long while. It’s made from a darker variety of Apache Strata stone with lots of character. There are hues of gray and even a little rusty red (from the iron oxide content). This hone will cut metal nicely. I recommend light pressure when finishing because you can overdo it. Too much pressure and you can go backwards–get use to its power before you apply too much pressure and ruin your progression. With this particular batch, I personally can take a razor to about hht2/hht3 or so; though I am no pro at honing whatsoever. Finish off with some stropping and you should be ready to shave!

Description: Apache Strata natural honing stone. This is a finishing stone that can be used with water alone–no slurry needed.

Surface preparation: Flat-lapped on DMT and grit powder. This should be nice and flat when you get it. I chamfered the edges somewhat. I advise that you inspect it closely to determine if you need to make any modifications such as sanding edges or lapping before you begin to hone. Though, I think I have it covered pretty good.

Grit: Estimated 10000 – 12000+

Size: approximately 5″ x  2 5/8″ at the widest x roughly 3/4″ thick

Weight: 1 lb .7 oz


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