Apache Red Hone – Interesting Features – Size: 6.65″ x 2.85″ x 9/16″ (ID# AR0141)


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Word is trickling in and my customers are loving the 1k>mid-range>Apache Red>Apache Strata progression!

Learn about the Apache Red hone

INTERESTING FEATURES: There is an ancient lateral crack that let in some impurities that sort of “bleached” the red color along the crack. The crack itself doesn’t affect the stone structurally because it runs laterally on the long edge for about half of one side. It’s not going to fall apart or get bigger. The hone is very solid. The bleaching is one both long sides and across one short side (which has a natural skin left on it). It’s really cool looking. There is a 1/4″ benign fissure/crack on the honing surface right at the edge where the crack nears the top. I didn’t want to grind this large hone down, so I left it all alone. Once you have it in your hand, you will see that you can easily hone without any effect from the fissure. If you want an interesting hone with a lot of character, this one is it. If you are contemplating getting this one and want some closer shots, I can do that for you. Just contact me and I will oblige; but you can see everything I am referring to in the images I already provided.

Description: Apache Red natural honing stone. This is a pre-finishing and finishing stone that can be used with water alone–no slurry needed; but great with slurry though! Use a nagura slurry stone or a DMT/diamond hone to generate slurry. The slurry is rich pink/reddish and cuts nicely.

FAIR WARNING about using this after a Coticule: Don’t do it. This will probably take your progression backwards, disappointing you. Use this hone for the 4k-7k slot in your progression. Then finish with a Coticule or Apache Strata or other finishers. Some guys are so good that they can shave off of the Red, but for the average honer, you should probably use this as a pre-finisher.

Surface preparation: I used a 10″ very coarse/coarse DMT to get this lapped nice and flat. I used pencil marks twice to check true flatness, so I assure you, it’s flat. I chamfered the edges of the face to reduce accidental scratching.

Grit: Estimated 7000 – 10000? Hard to say on a natural.

Size: approximately 6.65″ x  2.85″ x 9/16″

Weight: 1 lb. 2.4 oz.


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